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"Porn" is a genre of movies just like "Drama" or "Comedy". The bad reputation porn movies have is unjustified in a great many cases. It is our aim to bring this fact to the attention of a wider audience. Our ORGAZMIK-editors are movie freaks and true experts in the field of erotic films. This shop, founded in 1996, offers one of the biggest selections of porn films in the whole of Europe. We are sure you will find their expertise helpful in finding your way around the ORGAZMIK catalog. There are not only numerous and very straight-forward written reviews, but also many screenshots taken from the actual movies and much additional information. With the aid of the many search options, everyone - be they new to the genre, well-versed fans, but also women or friends of more special erotica - is sure to find the movies they are looking for.

The Company
Orgazmik Media, Inc. is a Swiss company with an international outlook. Years of experience in this trade, combined with a striving for quality and a keen appetite for technological innovation, make the brand ORGAZMIK stand out in this market. The logistics and the administrative side of operations are dealt with by our sister company OMnet, Inc.

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