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RSS Feeds are information packages that special programs, so called RSS readers, are able to display in a short list. An information usually consists of a title and a link that leads to further details. RSS Feeds are being offered by a big number of companies and cover various topics like sport results, news, catalog updates, special offers, ... You subscribe to those topics (RSS feeds) that you are interested in and will be easily up to date.

To use our or other RSS feeds we recommend to use Firefox 3 and newer or Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and newer. Older versions do not work. After clicking one of the listed feeds below you may subscribe to it. For information about how to use RSS feeds with other programs please check their manual.

ORGAZMIK offers these RSS feeds:
  • All new films added to the ORGAZMIK catalog (last 14 days)

  • New films by studio or category (last 14 days)

The use of our RSS Feeds is free of charge. Commercial usage is not permitted.
Orgazmik RSS Feeds

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