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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions VOD

What does VOD mean?
VOD is a shortcut for Video On Demand. An electronic film archive offers a certain amount of films. You can choose which one you would like to watch right now. The film data is then being transferred through your internet connection and displayed on your screen. It's like a music jukebox but for films.


What is the difference between VOD-Download and VOD-Streaming?
There are two common methods to offer a VOD service:
  • VOD-DOWNLOAD: There you first download a film completely. Then you can watch it as much as you want either for a limited or unlimited period of time.

  • VOD-STREAMING: A streamed film is immediately being displayed on your screen. A good image quality can only be achieved if you have a fast broadband internet connection. The film is not being downloaded, the data will not be saved. Therefore VOD-Streaming is very discreet but requires a stable and constant internet connection.

How big are the download film files?
The file size mainly depends on the duration of a film. Approximately the size is around 1 GB (Gigabyte). A download may take several hours, depending on the speed of your internet connection.


Do I need to have an active internet connection to watch the films?
A stable internet connection is needed for the VOD-Streaming service. For VOD-Download internet is only needed to download the film and for the one-time activation.


Can a download film be burned to a DVD?
For backup purposes you can burn or copy the movie file to a DVD or any other storage device. However it is not possible to play such a film on a standalone DVD player or other compatible device unless it is in MP4 format.


Werden bei Streaming irgendwelche Filmdaten gespeichert?


What payment options do you offer?
We offer the following payment options: Credit Card, Paysafecard or Prepayment to our bank account.


Is this a subscription service that bills me automatically?
No. We only charge the price of the chosen film (VOD-DOWNLOAD) or the chosen minute package (VOD-STREAMING). Once.

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